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Reading Room

Our Christian Science Reading Room

Our Reading Room is both a bookstore and a quiet place for people of any faith to pray, read or study.  It is a place to help support your spiritual journey.  Here you can find Bible-based solutions to life’s challenges and enjoy a quiet place to commune with God. The Bible and the Christian Science textbook together with church periodicals, the Christian Science Monitor, and other authorized church literature are available to borrow or purchase. 

The Reading Room is a priceless community resource. It is located at 550 Squirrel Lane and is open Monday 10:00 am to 11:00 am, after any church service or by appointment. The Librarian is available to answer questions or to help you better focus your study. The members extend a cordial invitation to the community to make use of our Reading Room.

The Bible Lesson

There are many ways to Study the weekly Bible Lesson.  You can access the published Lesson in a number of formats to fit your needs.

In our Reading Room you can purchase either:

  • Citation Edition - Contains the Bible Lesson citations (page and line references) to help you study from the books.

  • Full Text Edition - Contains the entire text of Bible and Science and Health references.


You may also subscribe online.

  • Audio Editions - The CD Edition and iPod/MP3 Edition are a convenient way to listen to the Lesson on the go.

  • e Bible Lesson - Audio, in-context, and PDF formats are available for use on your smartphone, tablet, eReader, or computer

  • my Bible Lesson - Designed for young people and youthful thinkers.  Includes study tools. 

  • Spanish Edition - Includes the full text of the Lesson in Spanish.



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